Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use your diamond alloy service rather than a mobile smart repair?

The service we offer you is a specialist refurbishment that covers your entire alloy wheel, something that a mobile wheel repair service or smart repair won’t be able to achieve. A mobile repair service may be cheaper but beware; they may only be able to offer a cosmetic touch up finish which is not as long lasting as a full repair. 

Our service gives an all over powder coat finish and protective lacquer coating which is tougher and longer lasting. Preparation is also key to a longer lasting result and a better finish; we ensure a full and thorough strip down will be carried out on the alloy wheel, which removes previous coatings which cannot be done by a mobile service. 

We also completely remove the tyre from the alloy, something not all mobile repair companies will do, opting to simply mask off the tyre. We believe to achieve a truly amazing and long lasting result the tyre should be fully removed before it is prepared or painted front and back.

  • How long does it take to refurbish my alloys?

We offer a 72 hours Diamond cutting service and up to 96 hours for powder coating, subject to the condition of your wheels. We don’t cut corners.

  • Why should I use Alloy Wheel Repair London?

We believe we offer not only the highest standards of finish for your alloy wheel but we offer a great service too. We have a modern workshop and utilise the latest equipment which has been specially fitted on location to ensure each process is carried out to the highest standards in the quickest time possible. 

Our technicians are highly skilled and attention to detail and excellent levels of quality is maintained at all times. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure we are always offering the latest finishes and coatings so that we can continue to offer clients the latest must have trends. Safety is paramount, so if we do not think it is safe to repair your alloy wheels we will tell you. 

  • Will my wheels look as good as new?

The finish we can achieve will depend upon the condition of the alloy when you bring it to us, however we are confident that we will be able to improve their finish and we offer a guarantee to give you the confidence in our work.

  • How can I tell if my wheels are a standard finished, powder coat finish or Diamond Cut?

A diamond cut finish will have faint lines that show on the polished part of the alloy (the face of the alloy wheel). It looks a bit like the back of a CD.

  • Can you refurbish any make and model of alloy?

We believe we can, but we ask that you advise us by email if you have a unique or rare alloy wheel so we can check with our technicians what is and is not possible. Ideally, email us a picture and give us details including the make, diameter size, composition and what type of refurbishment you would like.

  • Can you refurbish split rim alloy wheels?

There are 2 main types of split rim alloys wheel:

1     Two Piece rims – these can be refurbished but must be broken down into the 2 sections prior to the refurbishment.

2     Cosmetic split rims – these can vary regarding their suitability for refurbishment. Please email us to discuss your specific type of split rim alloy wheel.

  • Can you refurbish steel Alloys?

No. We are aluminium wheel repair specialists.

  • Can you supply tyres?

We are more than happy to source and supply tyres for your car and can offer a quotation on request.

  • What colours can you offer for custom alloy wheels?

Pretty much any colour you want! We have a range of standard colour options available, but can offer bespoke colours on request, this may take a little longer and there may be an additional charge, which we are happy to advise in advance. We can also offer a range of finishes including glitter or flake.

  • Can you match my centre caps?

We can paint a similar colour in a wet paint on plastic caps and offer a powder coat on metal caps. Your caps must be in good condition for us to be able to refurbish them.

  • Do I have to deliver my alloys on or off the car?

We are totally flexible. You can do both, alternatively we can collect and deliver your alloys although they must be removed from your car first. We do ask you call or email us to book in for your repair or refurbishment, so we can ensure we offer you the quickest turnaround possible.

  • Do you replace the valves?

We supply new valves as standard on all wheel refurbishments.

  • Do you repair cracked alloys?

Yes, we can repair most cracked alloy wheels.

  • Do you offer collection and delivery service?

Yes we do. Our collection and delivery service extends to any location in and around the M25 area.

  • Can you really offer me a refurb in 72-96 hours?

If you deliver and collect your alloys to us, we can provide a 72 hours service for Diamond cutting and up to 96 hours for powder coating subject to inspection of your alloys and their condition. 

  • Do you provide a courier service?

If you cannot deliver and collect your alloys and you are outside our collection and delivery zone we can arrange a courier service to collect and deliver your wheels. Please call or email us and tell us your your location, number, make and size of alloy wheel and we can quote for this service. We can collect and deliver to a home or work address, but someone must be available to sign for the alloys. Alloys must be packaged suitably for the courier service as they will not provide packaging for transportation.

  • Can you straighten buckled alloy wheels?

Yes, we can normally straighten buckled alloy wheels.

  • Can you colour match my alloys wheels?

 Yes, we can normally colour match wheels.


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